Frequently Asked Questions

The questions are sorted by product category.


Body Butters and Body Oils

Q: Can I use the body butters and body oils on my face?

A: Yes. The essential oil blend represents 1% of the total formulation. Therefore, it is safe to use on your face.


Q: How do I use the body butters and body oils?

A: After your shower or bath, dry yourself lightly then massage the product to your entire body.


Q: Do I use the body butters and body oils daily?

A: Yes, especially if you have dry or eczema prone skin. Daily use keeps the body moisturized and supple, relieving dry, ashy skin.


Q: How much body butter shall I use?

A: Use a small pea-sized amount each for your arms, legs, and torso. Use half a pea-sized amount for your hands.


Q: How much body oil shall I use?

A: Use one-two pumps each for your arms, legs, and torso. Use one drop for your hands. 


Q: Can I use the body butters and body oils on my hair?

A: Yes. Use a very small amount of the product to help moisturize hair, impart sheen, soften, and control frizz.


Q: What happens if my body butter melts?

A: You can place it in the refrigerator until it solidifies.


Q: Why do I have to use the bamboo spoon to dispense my body butter?

A: Dipping your fingers into your body butter introduces germs to your product.


Body Washes

Q: How do I use the body wash?

A: Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients. Use a few pumps on a wet washcloth, sea sponge, or your hands.


Q: Why do I have to shake the body wash before each use?

A: We do not use any emulsifiers to keep the ingredients blended as they are irritants for dry, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne.


Q: Can I use the body wash on my hair?

A: No. Castile soap combined with the dissolved salts in the water produces soap scum that makes the hair dry, brittle, and tangled. It can also strip dyed or highlighted hair.


Q: Can I use the body wash on my face?

A: Yes. The body wash is a gentle cleanser consisting of oil-based Castile soap, hydrating buckwheat honey, and moisturizing castor oil. The essential oil blend is 1% of the total formulation, which is safe for your face.


Body Scrubs

Q: Can I use the body scrubs on my face?

A: No. Although we grind our scrubs as fine as possible, it’s not recommended to use on your face. The skin on your face is thinner than the skin on your body.


Q: Can I use the body scrubs to remove dead skin on my feet?

A: Yes. Exfoliating your feet will help keep them soft and callous free.


Q: How often should I use a body scrub?

A: Once per week is safe to exfoliate. Using the scrubs several times a week may irritate your skin.


Q: When is the best time to use the body scrub?

A: The best time to exfoliate is at night. Avoid using the body scrub during the day before you go out into the sunlight. This may cause skin irritation.


Q: How do I use the body scrub?

A: Scoop out enough scrub before you get into the shower. Start at your feet and gently, use small circular motions moving upwards over your body.


Q: Shall I cleanse my body before I exfoliate?

A: Yes. Cleanse your body first then use the body scrub.


Q: Can I use the body scrub if I’m sunburned?

A: No. Do not exfoliate while your skin is sunburned.


Q: Can I exfoliate before I shave my legs?

A: Yes. Exfoliating before shaving your legs gives you a smoother shave and helps prevent ingrown hairs.


Q: Can the body scrub help relieve my dry, chapped hands?

A: Yes. The body scrub will help exfoliate the dry skin.


Q: Can I use the body scrub to help relieve dry, winter skin?

A: Yes. Exfoliating during the winter months helps relieve dry, winter skin.


Q: Why do I have to dispense my body scrub before I get into the shower?

A: Our body scrubs do not contain preservatives, as many are skin irritants. Therefore, dispensing your scrub outside of the shower prevents water and potential bacteria from entering your body scrub.


Bath Salt and Milk Bath

Q: How much bath salt/milk bath should I use?

A: That depends on the size of your bathtub, but generally 1 cup is sufficient.


Q: Why do you use goat milk?

A: Goat milk has the same pH as skin and it’s similar to human milk. Therefore, it will not irritate your skin.


Q: What temperature is safe for a bath soak?

A: A safe temperature for bath water is between 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have eczema, keep the temperature lukewarm.


Q: How long can I soak in the bathtub?

A: Soak in the tub for approximately 10-20 minutes. If you have eczema, soak for 5-10 minutes.


Q: How do I disperse the bath salt/milk bath in the tub?

A: Fill the tub with water then add your bath salt/milk bath. Use your hand to stir it around to help it dissolve.


Q: Can I use the bath salt/milk bath as a foot soak?

A: Yes. The bath salt/milk bath soothes your feet, aches and pains, and helps soften calloused skin. Moisturize your feet immediately after your foot soak.