Work With Me Wednesday: Whipped Body Butter

Work With Me Wednesday: Whipped Body Butter

Welcome back to another day in the lab. I'm glad you can tag along to Work With
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In October, I began experimenting with Mafura butter. Mafura butter is found in Mozambique and Southern Africa. In rural Southern Africa, it's used as a skin and hair moisturizer.
Mafura butter is traditionally used for healing, moisturizing, treating acne blemishes, and skin problems.
Mafura butter:
  • absorbs quickly into the skin,
  • spreads easily,
  • is non-drying,
  • strengthens and softens natural hair, and
  • alleviates dry itchy scalp.
Last week I made a lavender-infused organic Mongongo oil. Mongongo trees are found in Zambia. It's also known as manketti in other African countries. The locals use it in personal care products for its healing and nurturing properties.
Mongongo oil is:
  • a thin oil with a light texture,
  • easily absorbed into skin,
  • rich in vitamin E,
  • used to protect and hydrate skin,
  • relieves eczema,
  • useful for cellular repair and tissue generation, and
  • reduces itching, redness and scarring.
This week I'm blending the Mafura butter, lavender-infused organic Mongongo oil, and organic Nilotica Shea butter to make a cold-processed (no heat used) whipped body butter.
Nilotica Shea butter grows exclusively in East Africa (No. Uganda and So. Sudan). It is considered a more luxurious shea butter. Nilotica Shea butter:
  • is high in oleic acid making it creamier, easier to spread and absorb into skin,
  • contains antioxidant vitamins A, E and vitamin F,
  • is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal,
  • boosts collagen production and promotes cell regeneration, and
  • promotes wound healing.
Whipped body butter
Whipping the ingredients.
When I'm experimenting with a new formulation, I make a small batch so as not to waste too much product, if it's a fail. Therefore, I use a small hand mixer to whip the ingredients.

Once I finish whipping the ingredients, about 3-4 minutes, I store it in an airtight jar. I will test this whipped butter on my husband and son. If it meets their approval, I will test it on friends and family.

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Thank you for tagging along and I'll see you next Wednesday. Have a great week.
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