Work With Me Wednesday: Hibiscus Oil For Your Skin

Work With Me Wednesday: Hibiscus Oil For Your Skin

Welcome to Work With Me Wednesday. I love it when you tag along with me in the lab. Today, I'm working with hibiscus-infused sunflower oil.

Hibiscus flowers are prized for their medicinal benefits. They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. You may have consumed hibiscus tea or sorrel for these benefits.
But, did you know hibiscus-infused oil is good for your skin? Watch the video (2:43) below as I share the benefits of topical hibiscus for your skin.
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I learn a little more every time I watch your work with me Wednesday program thank you for that information.

Curtis Coaxum

I always love the information that you give because it’s beneficial to me and my family. Thanks

J. Lovelace

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