Work With Me Wednesday: Essential Oil Blending

Work With Me Wednesday: Essential Oil Blending

Welcome back to Work With Me Wednesday. I'm glad you can tag along with me in the lab. Today, I'm experimenting with some new essential oils. 

First, I determine the purpose of the blend -- aromatherapy or therapeutic. (Please note: there's no such thing as therapeutic grade essential oils. There are essential oils for therapeutic uses.)

Today, I'm working with this blend out of pure curiosity. I read the blending of these aroma profiles mimic sandalwood. I wanted to test it for myself. 

The essential oils I'm working with are siam wood and amyris. They're both in the woody family. Siam wood has a warm, creamy, woody-balsamic aroma. Amyris has a vanilla, faint cedar-woody scent.

Siam wood and amyris are used in perfumery. They are base notes, which evaporate slowly prolonging the aroma.

I open each essential oil, placing them side by side in my hand and smell. I'm trying to figure out what would be a good aroma balance.

I calculate a small dilution percentage. Then I add the predetermined amounts of each essential oil in the test tube. I keep copious notes of what I'm doing. (My notepad is just off camera.) I take my time and enjoy the process. 

At this point, I'm going to let it sit. I'll come back to it off and on for the next day smelling the aroma. I'll give it a chance to do its thing. Once I'm satisfied with the aroma, I may add it to a fatty oil for a nice perfume oil.

Thank you for tagging along to Work With Me Wednesday. I'll see you next week.



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