Work With Me Wednesday: DIY Reed Diffuser

Work With Me Wednesday: DIY Reed Diffuser

Welcome to Work With Me Wednesday. I love it when you tag along with me in the lab. Today, I'm in the kitchen to show you how to make a DIY reed diffuser for aromatherapy.

This is a great way to reuse your empty Violet Botanical Skincare (VBS) bottles. Best of all -- it only takes two ingredients and a few minutes. 

Watch the video (6:34) below to make your reed diffuser.



Bonus link for another creative way to reuse your VBS bottles/jars.

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See you next week.

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That was a great idea I never thought of using that with my oils. My question is does it make it last longer just a question? Thank you for your work with me Wednesdays I really do appreciate them and making me more knowledgeable than I already am

Curtis Coaxum

Hey nice idea to reuse the bottle. And the bottles are a beautiful color for decorating. Thank you for the ideas.

Jacqueline W.

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