The sweet scent of romance

The Scent of Romance

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As the heavenly aroma wafts on the air, you recall a familiar scent. It takes you to intimate moments shared with someone special. Your soul stills as you enjoy the melodious notes that mingle together in perfect harmony. You exhale with a knowing smile.

That’s the power of the connection between scent and attraction.

Scientists have found that, like animals, humans bond through scent. Although there are many facets to attracting a partner, scent is a primal component in that attraction. So whether you’re courting someone new or having a romantic night in with your long-term love, these essential oils will help in the romance department.

The scent of romance.

Ginger has a warm, fresh, woody spicy scent. It has warming characteristics that are beneficial in massage applications. 

Jasmine has a rich, warm, floral scent. It produces a feeling of optimism, confidence, and euphoria.

Patchouli has a sweet, rich, herbaceous earthy odor. Like wine, patchouli improves with age.

Rose has a rich, deep, sweet floral, slightly spicy scent. It produces a feeling of well-being and happiness.

Sandalwood has a deep, soft, sweet woody balsamic scent. It has grounding and calming characteristics.

Vetiver has a deep smoky, earthy woody odor with a sweet undertone. It’s relaxing and beneficial in massage applications.

Ylang Ylang has a sweet, soft, floral balsamic, slightly spicy scent. It helps with frigidity and impotence by promoting calm and relaxation, so no little blue pills needed here.

As you embark on your romantic soirée with intentions of luring your partner on a romantic journey, apply aphrodisiac essential oils to bring about a wonderful, euphoric feeling. You can use essential oils in bath and body oils, body butters, and bath salts. To prevent skin irritations, do not use essential oils directly on your skin.

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