Sip & Glow: The Benefits Of Red Wine For Your Skin

Sip & Glow: The Benefits Of Red Wine For Your Skin

I was at an event talking with a few women. One woman asked another woman what is the secret to her beautiful skin.

She replied, “Water, wine, and…(something else I cannot recall)”.

We all laughed and saluted our wine glasses to drinking wine, although I was drinking a fancy Pellegrino Water spritzer.

After much laughter and excuses to drink more wine, I shared that she’s absolutely correct.

Who ever thought about how your evening glass is doing wonders for your skin? It might surprise you, but there's some science-backed magic happening in that humble wine glass.

We’ve all heard about antioxidants. They’re the darlings of the skincare world. Red wine is packed with them, thanks to compounds like resveratrol, anthocyanin, and catechins. These miracle workers neutralize those pesky free radicals that can wreak havoc on your skin cells, causing premature aging and all sorts of trouble.

The main darling is resveratrol. It is the shining star of wine antioxidants. Researchers found that not only does this powerhouse fight off those pesky free radicals, resveratrol redistributes the water in your skin, restores its balance and provides long lasting hydration.

The benefits don’t stop there. Red wine extracts improve tissue regeneration. So not only are you sipping on something delicious, but you're also giving your skin a helping hand in repairing and rejuvenating itself. Talk about a win-win!

For those wondering about white wine — red wine steals the show. The secret is how the grapes are grown.

And, if you’re wondering about grape juice since its all about the grapes, grape juice doesn’t measure up. Red wine has a higher concentration of resveratrol.

When it comes to making red wine, they throw in the whole shebang – skin, seeds, and all. That's where the magic happens!

Here's a fun fact: European wines tend to pack more polyphenols punch than American ones. So, if you're aiming for that skincare jackpot, you might wanna go for those European beauties.

Remember, moderation is key – you’re aiming for the benefits, not a headache! Ladies, a daily glass of red wine is your go-to for that antioxidant boost. Men, you can enjoy two glasses guilt-free.

Not a wine drinker like myself? No problem. You can still get your antioxidant fix from other sources like pomegranates, blueberries, and even dark chocolate. Yep, you read that right – chocolate can be good for your skin! It's like a delicious excuse to indulge guilt-free. Again, moderation is key.

Oh, and here's another fun fact: red wine and dark chocolate aren't just tasty treats – they're also your secret weapons against sun damage. They provide your skin a little extra backup. Keep in mind that they are not a substitute for sunscreen or sun care safety.

So that’s the scoop on why the woman’s response about wine contributing to her beautiful skin was correct. Cheers to the science-backed benefits of red wine, and to sipping and glowing.

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