Let's Talk Dirty

Let's Talk Dirty


Okay ladies let’s talk dirty. I’m talking about germy, odorous, crumbly, bacteria-laden makeup. When was the last time you subjected the contents of your cosmetics bag to an inspection of time in service, color, consistency, and odor? If you took more than a minute to answer that question, your makeup and skin might be at risk for contamination.

Below are the life expectancies of commonly used cosmetics.

Blush powders have two-years; creams have one-year. Keep your blush clean by washing your brushes one to two times per week and not using your fingers, which causes skin oils to get into your blush. Retire your blush when it becomes hard and chalky.

Concealer keeps your blemishes undercover for one year. Your concealer’s enemy is the bacteria from your blemishes. When you apply concealer with your brush then re-dip the brush into your concealer, you’ve just introduced it to bacteria. Keep it clean by pouring a small amount of concealer on a piece of parchment paper. Dip your brush into the concealer on the paper. Wash your brush bi-weekly or weekly.

Eyeliner gels and liquids last two to three months; pencils last up to one year. Pencils have a longer life because they get sharpened frequently. Gels and liquids suffer from the brush being pumped into the tube, which traps bacteria.

Eye Shadow creams survive one year; powders survive two years. Keep them contamination-free by washing your brushes one to two times per week. Don’t use your fingers, which introduce your eye shadow to bacteria. Your eye shadow cannot adorn the windows to your soul if it crumbles, dries out, or loses color.

Foundation lasts six months to one year. Keep the bacteria at bay by cleaning your brushes and sponges bi-weekly or weekly and keeping your fingers out of it. Minimize spoiling by replacing the cap tightly and keeping it out of direct sunlight. You have an unsafe foundation if the consistency changes or it has an odor.

Lip Gloss/Lipstick last six months and one year, respectively. Tubed lip gloss with a wand is a trap for bacteria. Lipstick losses its oil and lacks the power to give you a kissable pout once it dries out and beads form on the bullet.

Mascara has a life expectancy of three months. The tube is a playground for bacteria. Protect your Bette Davis eyes from infection by replacing your mascara if it clumps, smells, or dries out.

There you have it, ladies. Stop obsessing over your favorite cosmetic, don your lab coat, and get to work inspecting your cosmetics.

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