Essential Or Not Essential

Essential Or Not Essential

Photo credit: Daria Shevtsova

Yikes! I recently read a post that recommended adding a few drops of essential oil to your clay for an added boost to your clay facial mask.

Yes, there are benefits to your skin with the proper use of appropriate essential oils. BUT, they must be diluted in carrier (fixed) oils, butters, or solubilizing agents (an ingredient that dissolves oil and water into one unified substance) to prevent adverse skin reactions and burns.

When essential oils are added to clays, they disperse slightly. It's like putting essential oils directly on your skin. Therefore, you’re exposed to potential skin sensitivities.

Essential oils are volatile compounds of plants. There are not many essential oils you can use ‘neat’ (putting it directly on your skin). There are very few cases where applying essential oils undiluted are advised.

Please use essential oils safely. Dilute them, before application to your skin, in carrier oils, butters, or solubilizing agents.

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