Dry Skin Brushing: Exhilarating and Cleansing

Dry Skin Brushing: Exhilarating and Cleansing

Dry brushing with natural boar bristle brush


Feel the smooth, gliding pressure over your bare skin. Sense the light touch dancing up your limbs. It's exhilarating. Your skin tingles with delight.

Your body responds by relaxing into the comfortable rhythm. The increase in blood flow releases your 'feel good' endorphins. Heaven, this must be heaven. You’re close. This is dry skin brushing.

Dry skin brushing is brushing dry skin with a natural-bristle brush to help unclog pores and excrete toxins from the body. Dry skin brushing has been around for thousands of years.

Its roots are from ancient Ayurvedic medicine, the oldest healing science that originated in India. Throughout history, Japanese, Greeks, Native Americans, Chinese, Russians, Scandinavians, and Turks have all practiced a form of dry skin brushing.


Dry skin brushing holds many benefits. It stimulates lymphatic draining. When you dry brush, it prevents toxins from building up in the skin. Lymph fluids move to the lymph nodes so waste can be eliminated. This, in turn, supports a healthy immune system.

Exfoliation is another benefit of dry skin brushing. It sloughs off dead, dry skin. Dry brushing softens and smoothens skin. This action revitalizes skin to give it a glow.

It cleans pores allowing your skin to breathe to aid in acne and blackhead elimination. Dry brushing energizes the body and increases blood circulation to skin and other body systems.

How to Dry Brush

First, buy a good quality, natural bristle brush. It’s best to get a brush with a long handle, so you can easily reach your back. You can purchase a good dry brush online or at health food stores.

Once you have your dry brush, stand in the shower or tub to catch any dry, flaking skin. Start at your feet and take long, gentle strokes, about 12, up your lower then upper leg, toward your heart.

Do one leg at a time. Next start at your hands and softly brush up your lower then upper arm towards your armpits. Continue to your abdominal area brushing upwards, followed by your back. Finally, brush your chest area. Keep brush strokes going towards your heart.

After you’ve brushed your body for three to five minutes, or more if you have the time, shower with a moisturizing body wash. Note that your skin may be reddish after dry brushing, but it should not be painful or irritated. Follow-up with natural body butter or natural body oil to moisturize your skin.

It’s recommended to dry skin brush one to two times a day. Mornings are best. Avoid bedtime so as not to become over-energized at nighttime.

I’ve been dry skin brushing for several years. I see and feel a difference in my skin. It has a softer, fresher appearance. I encourage you to incorporate dry skin brushing into your routine. Your skin will glow and your spirit will celebrate with joy.

Happy brushing.

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