Dead Sea Salt Bath For Eczema

Dead Sea Salt Bath For Eczema

When my eczema was at its worst, I found soaking in a Dead Sea salt bath relieved my eczema symptoms. The warm water soothed my itch and allowed me to enjoy some irritation-free time.

Bathing also calmed my eczema distress. This is important for eczema sufferers as stress activates the body’s immune system, which causes an inflammatory response.

The Dead Sea salt bath was so effective for me, I made bathing a weekly part of my eczema regimen. After my son went to bed, it was self-care time.

I filled the bathtub with lukewarm water. Added one cup of Dead Sea bath salt. Grabbed my tub pillow, iPad, and forgot all about my eczema woes as I got lost in my book.

As a research nerd, I wanted to know why bathing in Dead Sea salt had this soothing effect on my eczema symptoms. According to the National Eczema Association, proper bathing and moisturizing is key. The best way to replace moisture in skin is to soak in a bath, or take a shower, then moisturize immediately.

Dead Sea salt has been used for health and therapeutic reasons since ancient Egyptian times. The Dead Sea was where people went to resolve skin issues. This is why it is believed to have healing powers.


5 reasons to take a Dead Sea salt bath for eczema relief


  1. Dead Sea salt relieves eczema itch, inflammation, and overall irritation thanks to its rich minerals - magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, and zinc.
  2. It improves skin barrier strength.
  3. Dead Sea salt enhances skin hydration.
  4. Bathing at night helps skin retain more moisture.
  5. Dead Sea salt helps relieve the sting from severe flare-ups.

The next time you have an eczema flare-up, don’t stress. Take a Dead Sea salt bath.

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