5 Tips To Keep Your Summer Glow Into Fall

5 Tips To Keep Your Summer Glow Into Fall

Feeling those end-of-summer blues? No worries, because guess what? You can totally hang onto that fabulous sun-kissed glow as we step into fall. Time to switch up your skincare game and keep your radiant vibe going strong! Here are five easy-peasy tips to guide you on your way.


Check for Sun Damage 🌞

Before diving into your fall skincare groove, let's do a quick check-in on your summer skin. If you've been soaking up those rays, you might've noticed a few changes. Look out for:

  • Darker age spots
  • Extra freckles
  • Skin feeling rough and dull
  • Dry patches
  • A blotchy complexion
  • Those pesky chapped lips
  • Rosacea (those red blotches and bumps)
  • Sunburn (ouch!)
  • Suspicious moles (get 'em checked!)
  • Wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow’s feet
  • That sun aging effect (reddish-brown neck and cheeks)


Fall Skincare Regimen 🍂

Don't sweat it, I'm not talking about transforming your bathroom into a skincare emporium. You just need a handful of trusty products and a sprinkle of consistency. Here's the lowdown on keeping your skin gorgeous all through fall and winter:


  1. Treat Sun Damage: Time to bid adieu to those sunspots and dark patches. Whip up a natural, exfoliating face mask packed with antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids. Think citrus fruits, apples, grapes, papaya, guava, lactic acid (from milk and yogurt), and glycolic acid (found in sugar). It's like a fruity spa day for your face.

  2. Exfoliate: The summer sun can leave your skin feeling a bit tired and damaged. Gently exfoliate to reveal that fresh layer of skin underneath. Just go easy to avoid any micro-tears – we're aiming for a soft, not scratchy, glow. Keep in mind to use body scrubs sparingly to prevent damaging your skin and/or scrubbing away your good bacteria.

  3. Moisturize: The sun can be a real skin-dryer. Time to quench that thirst with a nutrient-packed moisturizer. Body butters are the champs here, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E. Your skin will thank you with a radiant smile.

  4. Sunscreen: Even though Mr. Sun might play hide and seek during fall and winter, those rays are still sneakily present. Grab yourself a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen for protection. And FYI, anything above SPF 45 won't give you extra shield, so skip the hype. Aerosol sunscreens? Nah, they're alcohol-based, evaporate quickly, and they’re not friendly to your lungs or the environment.

  5. Nutrition: Remember, healthy skin starts from the inside. Your diet matters! Load up on real, whole foods — ditch the processed stuff and go for fresh, organic fruits and veggies. The rule of thumb: the deeper the color, the more nutrients it packs. Keep things exciting by choosing what's in season. Eating your way to glowing skin? Yes, please!

So, as we bid adieu to summer, don't say goodbye to that sun-kissed radiance. Just tweak your skincare routine a bit and stick to these tips like your favorite cozy sweater. Your skin will repay you with that enviable, healthy glow.

Cheers to fabulous skin, my friend! 🌼

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